The Shoe Fit Experience

Mr. Brown standing in the original Brown’s Shoe Fit.

Our Beginning

Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. opened in the year 1911 as a small mom and pop shoe store.  Dedicated to their customers, they began their ‘sit and fit’ shoe store with the best of intentions.  Mr. Brown knew what he was doing, because Brown’s grew fast and everyone loved their tailored shoe fit experience.  It was something only Brown’s could offer, and that holds true today.  Now, we bring that same sit and fit experience to you, today.

Custom Fit Done Right

While our web presence may be new, our methods are traditional.  So what is the Shoe Fit Experience? It’s the classic sit and fit experience where we do the work fitting your shoe.  We know you have a unique fit, and it’s our goal to provide the right shoe.  So come in, sit down, and relax.  We know there’s more to a fit than your shoe size.

  • We use our Aetrex foot analyzing technology (as shown to the right) to see your problem spots. By creating a ‘heat map’ of the different areas of pressure on your foot, we can quickly find the perfect shoe to accommodate your individual footprint.
  • Everyone’s feet are different.  We check not only your shoe size, but whether your foot is flat, pronated, or high.  We work for your foot now so your feet don’t have to compensate later.
  • This traditional method of fitting doesn’t take place at your average shoe store.  Getting your foot style wrong can lead to pain extending up through your knees, and even your back.  We make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Curious to learn more about a proper fit? Click here to read our blog post on proper fitting shoes.

We could describe it further to you, but we want you to experience it for yourself.  Come in today to start learning more about your feet, and discover what a proper shoe fit experience is.

heatmap foot