Our Featured Brand of the Month : Abeo Shoes

This month, we decided to focus on no just one shoe as our shoe of the month, but one of our newest brands.


We would like to share with you some of our thoughts on the brand Abeo.

It has been around for about 6 years and Brown’s Shoe Fit Co. Hutchinson is just one of about 75 stores that offer this brand to our customers as an exclusive brand.  Even in our organization, we are only 1 of 14 stores that currently have it.

The brand offers many options to our customers:

  • We can do a digital scan of your foot and analyze your gait with the Abeo technology
  • Abeo offers a wide array of arch supports for our customers and their shoes, metatarsal arch or a posted insole.
  • Most shoes can receive a customized insole, based on your scan and gait, which is part of the cost of the shoe.  There is a slight upcharge for premium insoles.
  • Abeo offers a group of shoes that already have the arch support in them, this can also be customized if needed.

So, we invite you in to have your foot scanned and gait analyzed and try on a few pair of our Abeo footwear collection.  They even have some favorites for fall the we really like, so here are those:

  • Tabitha, a trendy ballerina flat that is a must try on.  If you have tried on flats before and asked yourself, where is the support, that is one thing you won’t have to ask yourself any longer.  This shoe comes in black, taupe, navy, and tan.


  • With boots being so strong, they offer the short boottie:  Nancy, available in black and brown.  Again, this boot offers arch support like none other!


Stop in to experience the Brown’s Shoe Fit experience today!

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